Simsphere, a state-of-the art Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Transfer (SVAT) model, is a one-dimensional model that allows one to simulate the transfer of heat and moisture between plants, soil and atmosphere over a 24 hour day (or as specified by the user). It describes the evolution of the sensible, latent, radiative and other energy fluxes between a vegetated or bare soil surface, the soil and the atmosphere. It also describes the evolution of the atmospheric sounding, moisture, temperature and wind during the course of a day.
Simsphere is still one of the best models of its kind.

Simsphere can be used with a minimum of knowledge about meteorology, plant physiology or soil dynamics, although mathematical descriptions of these processes are quite detailed and complex.

Before You Begin

Please read the model Introduction and Overview HERE (PDF).

System Requirements

Simsphere is currently distributed as Fortran 2008 source code. Please view the Quick Start guide for a list of required software to compile the model code.

Running the Simulation

The Quick Start guide includes a brief introduction to parameter adjustment, model execution, and output.

Basic structure of the SVAT model