Dr. Carlson is currently retired. His interests remain in remote measurement of regional-scale soil moisture and other boundary layer and surface parameters using satellites. His work extends to the modeling of plants and the way they control transpiration, and in urbanization/deforestation as viewed by satellite. He has written two books, the first is entitled "Mid Latitude Weather Systems" which is to be republished by Penn State Press, and the second "An Observers Guide to Clouds and Weather, is being published in 2014 by the AMS, which explains the factors responsible for the weather patterns, how these patterns manifest themselves on weather maps and how cloud observations can be used to understand the current weather an aid the forecaster in predicting the weather.

Research Interests

Satellite remote sensing applications to regional planning, modeling of evapotranspiration over plant canopies, land surface processes.

Teaching Interests

Bioclimatology, boundary layer meteorology, and remote sensing.

Toby N. Carlson portrait

Professor of Meteorology Emeritus
604 Walker Building
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 863-1582


PhD Imperial College, University of London, England.